Struggling Babes/ SiteRip

Struggling Babes is about crossing the fine line of pleasure and punishment. Bound, tortured, and gagged these beautiful babes learn the art of submission. Nothing can prepare them for the amount of suffering they’re about to experience. Truly only the strongest can survive in a world where domination and punishment are always right around the corner.

What you’re about to witness is female bondage taken to an unusual extreme. Punishment is always rewarded with pleasure for those who are strong enough to endure. The beautiful girls are bound by hands that have experience dishing out extreme domination. Fear is replaced by unimaginable pleasure for those who have the endurance to survive such extreme BDSM. For those that do, what happens is a life changing experience.

Folder with files: Struggling_Babes_SiteRip

TXT file with links: Struggling-Babes-SiteRip-Links.txt

All screenshots: Struggling_Babes_SiteRip_Screens.rar


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