SiteRip / SiteRip – This is what we do. Don’t try to make sense of it. Don’t try to demystify it. This is something that wells up from our deepest parts. We do not have to justify the fantasies that we consent to. No matter what it looks like to you. Doms and Bottoms, Tops and Slaves, we role play as we like to express and exercise those parts of us that we wish to explore. We do this together. Here. At SocietySM and DungeonCorp we simply play with feelings and emotions…this is our right, this is our purpose. Every person within these pages was a consenting participant but that doesnt make it any less perverted. This is something we are ok with…This is something we celebrate within these pages. Very Seriously… – A Deep, Consensual Study, Exploration & Exploitation of Female Submission.
These Women Agree to be Bound and Bent to Our Will, For Our Control & Arousal…


349 Videos (2015 – 2019) – Size: 106 Gb,_the_Bondage_Toy_1.mp4.html,_the_Bondage_Toy_2.mp4.html,_the_Bondage_Toy_3.mp4.html,_the_Bondage_Toy_4.mp4.html,_Spread_and_Stuffed.mp4.html,_Cute_and_Helpless_1.mp4.html,_Cute_and_Helpless_2.mp4.html,_Cute_and_Helpless_3.mp4.html,_Cute_and_Helpless_4.mp4.html’t_Get_Enough_1.mp4.html’t_Get_Enough_2.mp4.html’t_Get_Enough_3.mp4.html’t_Get_Enough_4.mp4.html,_Bent_and_Split_1.mp4.html,_Bent_and_Split_2.mp4.html,_Bent_and_Split_3.mp4.html,_Bent_and_Split_4.mp4.html,_Bed_Bound_1.mp4.html,_Bed_Bound_2.mp4.html,_Bed_Bound_3.mp4.html,_Bed_Bound_4.mp4.html,_Submissive_and_Overwhelmed_1.mp4.html,_Submissive_and_Overwhelmed_2.mp4.html,_Submissive_and_Overwhelmed_3.mp4.html,_Submissive_and_Overwhelmed_4.mp4.html,_Bound_and_Blaised_1.mp4.html,_Bound_and_Blaised_2.mp4.html,_Bound_and_Blaised_3.mp4.html,_Bound_and_Blaised_4.mp4.html

Control sided sex fantasies are not new. Power is written into our genes as sex in stamped into our loins. Adults engaging in consensual fantasies are free to explore their own personal fascism. This is our right. This is our purpose. Every scene is a celebration of sensation. Every participant is willing in desire. Featuring only female submission.

Our sites and feature sections cover a wide range of bdsm niches. From rope bondage and fantasy storylines to device bondage and reality style shoots. Corporal punishment. Bound Orgasms. Superheroines. Tickling. Domination and Fucking. Sex with Submission.

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