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Shadow Slaves prides ourselves in presenting the hardest and most creative S&M videos of genuine sadists and masochists at play. Our exclusively S/M films feature real amateur slave girls enduring harsh punishments and well known models taking up the challenge of living as a slavegirl for the day. Hardcore bondage and unique fetish films filled with extreme BDSM action awaits you from the Shadow Slaves dungeons. We feature every aspect of BDSM and domination. Fresh Sado maso films are added continously with new slave girls entering the dungeons for harsh punishments and painsluts returning for further discipline, training and punishment. This way there is a constant influx of fresh submissive faces in pain and suffering, whilst you can follow the development of more seasoned slaves as they venture further into the realms of bdsm, pleasure and pain.

Cruel and severe punishments of real slavegirls in pain and tears. The Shadow Slaves submissives need dedication, courage and a passion for pain. They are tied up, humiliated and tormented in the harshest imaginable ways by masters and mistresses. See the full length bondage movies and bdsm films inside from the suffering of our slave girls. We introduce new slave girls and submissives to our dungeon ongoingly, but equally you can follow the developments of seasoned slavesluts as they are recalled for further bdsm training, discipline and punishment. Some of our slavesluts love the pain they endure and take sexual pleasure in their punishments, others accept their torments due to obedient affection for our masters and mistresses, whilst others again enter with fear of the horrible pain they are about to endure for the sake of the unbelievable challenge it is to leave yourself at the mercy of a sadist. We feature masochists, female subs, lifestyle S&M lovers and fetish models. They are all welcome if they dare. You get the first row seat to their suffering in the dungeon.

Inside you will find genuine BDSM Movies in hi-def quality of real slave girl being punished. All our movies are fully exclusive and downloadable for your viewing pleasure. Nothing is faked, all S&M action featured is real and enjoyed by true sadists and masochists alike. All our slaves endure harsh punishments, severe torments and extreme bondage sessions to please the sadistic masters and mistresses controlling and dominating them. The pain is real, the tears are real and the torments endured are extreme. We feature hardcore bdsm films of slave girls such as Tigerr Benson, Sahara Knite, Crystel Lei, Nimue, Kumimonster, Madison Young and plenty more along with amateur slavegirls debuting in front of the cameras for extreme punishment sessions in the Shadow Slaves dungeons – enter the extreme realms of Shadow Slaves – BDSM Films now for an adventure in pleasure and pain.

All our extreme fetish movies are downloadable and exclusive to Shadow Slaves. New bdsm films are released in real hi-def resolution (with lower resolution options available for slow connections). You wont find anything as intense as the Shadow Slaves sado masochistic experience anywhere on the web. It hardcore bdsm at it finest and most genuine.

All genuine BDSM footage of real slavegirls in hardcore fetish movies, unique bondage punishments and extreme humiliation. Shadow Slaves exclusively features S&M lovers who enjoy extreme pain sessions, painsluts with a craving for punishments and bondage babes who enjoy tight ropeworks and harsh suspensions. New published fetish videos are featured in stunning Hi-def and downloadable, all our movies are exclusive. Inside you will find plenty of movies featuring slave girls such as Tigerr Benson, Crystel Lei, Sahara Knite, Kumimonster, Madison Young and plenty of amateur BDSM lifestylers being punished to the outer limits of their abilities. You can have a look at our intense sado masochistic movies in the S&M previews and free bdsm trailer section or checkout some of our slave girls. You will see tears and screams, harsh whipping and severe needle pain. All for the pleasure of pain and submission. Members of Shadow Slaves get full and unrestricted access to all our vast archives of hardcore BDSM films and bondage footage. The movies are all downloadable and new s/m videos are published in stunning hi-def resolution. Dont miss out on the extreme kink and bdsm!


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