[Kaecie | 2019-07-05] Silent Suffering – BondageJunkies.com (319,10 Mb) + Photos

It’s hard to torment someone who loves it so much but it is fun to try. For today’s attempt I tie her elbows so they touch and hike her arms into a strappado. Not before a 6″ dildo gag is strapped tightly in place, tickling her gag reflex. Kaecie’s fun is just starting as clover clamps bite down on her defenseless nipples. By her stifled moans it’s obvious she’s got more than enough to keep her entertained. Despite her pleas, we both know she doesn’t come to visit for “just enough”. So with a string and a few knots, her nipple clamps are tied off to the end of the bed. A simple thing but forces her to keep still unless she wants to find out how much more uncomfortable her predicament can get.

35 photos, 16 min video

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