[BrutalMaster, Rachel Greyhound | 6/24/2019] On The Ledge (From HELL! With BrutalMaster) – BondageLife.com (97,85 Mb) + Photos

In this great stream, Greyhound takes a trip into HELL! when she finds herself locked in the cold, dark and dingy cellar of the one and only BrutalMaster! A shackled and naked Greyhound finds herself perched precariously on a concrete ledge in the dark cellar, with a heavy chain leash keeping her from escaping and with a painful crotch chain locked tight between the lips of her worthless pussy, our helpless creature is forced to wait nervously for BrutalMaster and when he finally arrives she quickly finds herself on the receiving end of his harsh and brutal whip strokes. Feeding her inner need for some much needed pain and suffering, Greyhound savors and relishes every stroke of the whip then suffers one more humiliation as she is forced to drink BrutalMasters piss from a dog bowl in this hardcore bondage stream!

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